Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hi, my name is Karen and I have just created my own Blog. Not sure of what I am going to put here or how often I will use it but thought it might be a bit of fun. I am a married mother of two beautiful children - Matthew and Katie. I love to play Netball, enjoy playing tennis, enjoy doing craft activities in all my spare time (hehe) and am reasonably heavily involved in the lives of my children through their sport and school life. I work as a legal secretary on a part-time basis. Kenneth, my Husband, is the factory manager for O'Phee Trailers, producers of semi-trailers. I intend to post some of my craft on here along with my thoughts from time to time. Please have some patience with me as I am totally new to this blogging thing and am bound to make many mistakes to start with. Thanks, Karen.

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